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Wood Products for formulators

This range of products, designed specifically for those who, like us, produce colours for wood, comprising colorants, pigmented pastes and binders, both for water and solvent-based systems. All the products in this range have been selected in over thirty years of practical experience in the wood sector and are successfully used by important producers of colours who, when they feel the need, contact us for technical advice.  


Adler Srl


Code Description
PLC02 High viscosity binder for roller 
PLC07 Solvent thickening vehicle 
PLC17 Medium binder for patinas
PLC18 Binder for patinas
PLC19 Neutral base for Decapè
PLC20 Vehicle for roller stains 
PLC25 Concentrated binder for patinas
PLC42 Binder for ragging stains 
PLC43 Vehicle for solvent and wipe
PLC44 Brush vehicle for solvent based stains
VLC37 Vehicles for raggin stains
VLC67 Transparent vehicle for spray stains 
VLC77 Uniforming vehicle for oak 
VLC78 Uniforming vehicle  
VLC87 Natural oak uniforming vehicle

Adler Srl
Code Description
PLC50 Binder for water stains
PLC56 Tixo vehicle for wtaer  based products 
VLC54 Generic water-based vehicle  
VLC57 Water-based vehicle for spray rolling
VLC59 High viscosity water-based vehicle
VLW301 Slow vehicle for water-based stains
VLW303 Fast vehicle for water-basec stains
VLW306M Water-based vehicle for ragging
VLW312 Brush-vehicle for water-based stains
VLW317 Vehicle for patinas and stains
VLW319 Water-based vehicle for ragging
VLW320 Water-based uniforming vehicle
VLW323 Water-based vehicle for patinas
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