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Wood Products for formulators

This range of products, designed specifically for those who, like us, produce colours for wood, comprising colorants, pigmented pastes and binders, both for water and solvent-based systems. All the products in this range have been selected in over thirty years of practical experience in the wood sector and are successfully used by important producers of colours who, when they feel the need, contact us for technical advice.  

Products for water-based systemsTop

Water-based concentrates

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The CRW 400 series products are solutions of dyes in water with high leveling power and high transparency. They give intense colors, high gloss and transparency, excellent uniformity of penetration into the wood; they prevent any kind of spotting even when support is particularly porous. CRW400 line products are miscible with each other in all proportions, and are used exclusively for the painting of interior furnishings. The CRW series products  are suitable to be applied only in water dilution and the compatibility with water vehicles allows its use in various applications. 


Concentrated water-based liquid dyes for wood stain formulation

Adler Srl

The CLW series products are concentrated solutions of metal-complex dyes which are particularly indicated for the formulation of WATER STAINS FOR WOOD. CLW products feature a high light fastness and brightness; allow obtaining stains with high transparency and intense hue. are concentrated metal-complex dyes solutions and these are particularly suitable for the preparation of WATER-BASED WOOD STAINS.  They feature excellent light fastness and shine.They make it possible to obtain stains with high transparency and with  brilliant shades. 

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