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Wood Products for formulators

This range of products, designed specifically for those who, like us, produce colours for wood, comprising colorants, pigmented pastes and binders, both for water and solvent-based systems. All the products in this range have been selected in over thirty years of practical experience in the wood sector and are successfully used by important producers of colours who, when they feel the need, contact us for technical advice.  

Products for solvent-based systemsTop


Pigment dispersions

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The special pigment features, combined with degree of dispersion, endow PCN pastes with utmost transparency, high concentration and top lightfastness which are particularly recommended for roller stain formulation. The result are products bearing:

  • great transparency, even with high colour concentration, hence the possibility to retouch hues over primer;
  • no colour removal in varnishing stage;
  • excellent adhesion of further varnish coats;
  • considerable lightfastness; no risk of sudden changes in shades, even in photo catalysed paint, with colour that becomes even more permanent over time.

PCN 300 series pastes can also be used for varnish nuancing; by enhancing stain intensity and uniformity it is sometimes possible to avoid colour retouch on the primer 


Multipurpose concentrated pastes

Adler Srl

PCU series multipurpose concentrated pastes consist of high-concentration pigment dispersions in broad compatibility range resins; the latter, combined with the high dispersion degree, and matched with the efficiency of the wetting feature, make PCU products suitable for all widespread varnishing solvent-based products, from those for painting unfinished wood to pigmented finishes. 


Solvent-based pigment pastes

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PCE concentrated pastes are dispersions selected for transparency, brightness and high fastness to indoor light. They are highly compatible with thinners normally used in the formulation of stains: glycols, glycol-ethers, acetates, alcohols, ketones and, in limited amounts, even aromatics. Blending PCE with proper vehicles and solvents allows to obtain ageing patinas for scrubbing, roll stains, spray stains and brush stains of high quality, able to confer transparency, brightness, good marking of pore without altering the original features of the essence. 


Concentrated Liquid Dyes For Solvent Solutions  

Adler Srl

The main features of CCS solutions are the very high concentration and the low viscosity, which combined with the use handiness, let the user have a broader formulating scope, allowing the choice of the best thinner or component for each application. CCS attributes are: very good light fastness, excellent transparency and the possibility to obtain intensive tones harmonizing with a full range of solvents and resins normally used for solvent-based dyes solutions. Thanks to their high solubility, stains containing CCS concentrated dyes result more blazing after coatings. By staining deep pore wooden essence, where for various reasons it may be difficult to dye the pore, the utilization of CCS allows good performances during painting.

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