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Wood Products for applicators

Water and solvent-based colours, thinners for colours, veichles, ageing patinas and shaders, additives, nuances for correcting colours and paints.  A vast range of products designed for colouring wood, specially formulated to suit the application, the colour effect required and the essence of wood used. All our products are supported by highly specialised technical assistance, matured in over thirty years of presence as leaders in the wood colours sector.  

Products for water-based systemsTop

Water-based concentrates

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DPW 300 series aretransparent pigments dispersion in water based resins. These type of products have a very high light resistance and they are suitable to be used on hard woods and, with appropriate vehicles, on soft woods.

DPW 300 serie has a high transparency and brightness, and avoid the bleeding effect with watercoat overcoating.

DPW 300 serie has high wetting property on the wood, and this gives a nice definition of the pore effect. The wide range compatibility allow these products to be added in water-based stains when the  improving of the poro effect is needed. DPW 300 serie is also compatible in mixing with water based coatings. 

Water-based ageing product for scrubbing

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The products of the PRW 600 serie are characterised by good light fastness and suitability for scrubbing, with excellent wetting of the support, even on clear and coloured primers not treated with sandpaper. It is possible to obtain antiquing in the desired colour by mixing the base colours together. 

Water-based ageing product for ragging

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PRW 800 series colours application range is extremely versatile in fact they can be applied, manually, on assembled furniture, or on flat items, by means of highly automated lines.  

The products of the PRW 800 serie  are characterised by an excellent wetting of the support (sanded base), an excellent suitability for brushing even after a few minutes after application and an excellent indoor light fastness.The main feature of the PRW 800 line is to make the color uniform while still maintaining the transparency unaltered.

Whenever “grazing” due to sanding occurs, there is no need to perform color touch-ups (shading) since the PWR 800 line restores hue evenness. On the furniture edges and in the beveled doors, it is possible to obtain antiquing effects without the need to use a cloth to fully remove the product in excess in the areas being antiqued (corners, edges etc.). 

Water-based stains for parquet

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PRW 1819 series varnishes are specifically formulated for assembled wood flooring. They are designed for easy application: you just need to pour the product neat on wood and then spread it with a rubber or sponge spatula, or with a standard roller for wood flooring. The peculiar degree of support wetting allows remarkable varnish evenness, thus preventing stains or patchy intensity which occur when the product remains in contact with the wood too long before being spread.

100 / 200 SERIE

Water-based dispersions

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DPW 100 series colours are concentrations containing pigments dispersed in water-soluble resins highly compatible with water-based products.   They can be mixed in any proportion and can also be easily incorporated in thinned products.  The vast product range caters for countless shade and effect combinations, with different degrees of evenness and/or brightness.

 DPW 200 series:  they are pigment dispersions in water-soluble resins featuring high transparency and light fastness; thanks to such characteristics  they are particularly suitable for correcting  water-based colours for both interior furnishings and outdoor items.  Approx. 0.1% on finish is sufficient for a pleasant even effect, which does not affect varnish gloss and transparency and enhances colour intensity.  DPW 200 series products can be used for correcting water-based colours to achieve clearer pore marking. 




Water-based patinas and tar stuffs

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PRW 500 series features water-based patinas to be sprayed, and cleaned with a rag, on sanded transparent or pigmented primer.   They brighten colours without altering transparency and endow items with a fine "antique effect", highlighting wood pores as well as "worm-eaten" parts, if present. The antique effect can be enhanced by not removing all excess product with the rag (corners, edges, etc). Slight shade variations can be achieved using CWS series products.  CWS products guarantee more intense surface colouring and final brightness.  To obtain stronger colour variation and enhance shade evenness, it is advisable to use DPW 100 series or DPW 300 series correctors. Adherence, ragging, drying time, colour evenness and other features can be modified using water vehicles. To learn more, please see the water -based vehicles technical data sheet

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