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Wood Products for applicators

Water and solvent-based colours, thinners for colours, veichles, ageing patinas and shaders, additives, nuances for correcting colours and paints.  A vast range of products designed for colouring wood, specially formulated to suit the application, the colour effect required and the essence of wood used. All our products are supported by highly specialised technical assistance, matured in over thirty years of presence as leaders in the wood colours sector.  

Products for water and solvent based systemsTop


Concentrated water- and solvent-based dyes

Adler Srl

CWS 700 series are a complete range of dyes composed by 26 different mixed colours, which can be blended each other creating innumerable tones. CWS 700 series don’t incorporate any binding, allow to obtain high intensive and brilliant tones, excellent uniformity and transparency along with a very good light stability.

CWS 700 series are used in different field for dying different product groups as like as decorations, turned handwork, baseboard, shutters, assembled furniture and chairs, produces both by using solid wood or veneer.  


Water and solvent soluble concentrated dyes 

Adler Srl

CWS 10 series are concentrated solutions of selected dyes suitable both for water and solvent systems. They do not contain binders and allow to obtain higly bright, uniform, transparent, and intense paintings. CWS 10 series can be mixed among themselves even after thinning.  

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