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Wood Products for applicators

Water and solvent-based colours, thinners for colours, veichles, ageing patinas and shaders, additives, nuances for correcting colours and paints.  A vast range of products designed for colouring wood, specially formulated to suit the application, the colour effect required and the essence of wood used. All our products are supported by highly specialised technical assistance, matured in over thirty years of presence as leaders in the wood colours sector.  

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Bleaching Solution A Component 

Adler Srl

SBW24 is suitable for particularly uneven wood and can achieve strong wood bleaching. It is definitely faster and more aggressive than SBW25 which, instead, is milder and performs a weaker bleaching effect which endows wood with a more natural effect. SBW24/SBW26 and SBW25/SBW26 bleacher systems are more popular than other options because they are absolutely amine-free; that means they are more environmentally-friendly and they prevents early yellowing of both the support and varnish. Such products guarantee deep bleaching, enabling the user to sand once bleaching stage is over, before varnishing. The systems are also effective on different types of wood (both solid and veneered); the effect is stronger on domestic walnut. 

Non-shrinking fillers and white and coloured versions. 

Adler Srl

Water-based fillers for repairing furniture and other items, for application to every type of untreated or coloured wood and to walls or plasterboard. Perfect for treatment with sandpaper, with no shrinkage after drying. Excellent acceptance of colour for application to supports to be painted afterwards. The huge range of coloured fillers, which are perfectly compatible with one another, makes it possible to obtain blends in an infinity of shades. 

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