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Leather Products for finishing

This product line includes three different series of concentrated liquid dyes for leather finishing with high degree of concentration, transparency and brilliance in order to meet the different users' needs. These type of products can be applied by spray, curtain coater or rotatitive machines in order to dye full grain leathers, nubuck and for leather finishing with acrylic, polyurethanic,  nitrocellulosic resins and casein binders. Each series has certain peculiarities that makes it particularly suitable for certain applications.

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Concentrated water-based dyes for leather finishing

Adler Srl

LGW are water based concentrated metal complex dyes with very high brilliance, fastness to light and to migration into PVC.  LGW are characterized by high concentration and miscibility with each other in all proportion; moreover, they allow you to obtain an high color uniformity thanks to their high penetration and leveling.  

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