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Legal notice

 1. Preamble

 1.1 - Adler S.r.l., based in Via Calabria, 6 Fr. Osteria Grande - 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO), is the owner of Website (hereafter the “Website”), whose aim is to offer a tool for illustrating Adler S.r.l. activity.

1.2 - Website access and browsing imply the Users accept the following General Conditions of Use of the same (the "Conditions" hereafter, for short), drafted according to current laws and corporate policies.

1.3 - The “Conditions” can be altered by Adler S.r.l. at any time, under no obligation to provide the Users with prior notice, being understood that the latter must regularly read such conditions before accessing the Website contents. 

2. Intellectual property rights

2.1 - All Website contents – by way of illustration: texts, data bases, drawings, brands, logos, keys, icons, images and audio tracks - are property of Adler S.r.l., or the latter is specifically authorised by their lawful owners to use them and to divulge them to third parties; the above-mentioned material is protected by current industrial and intellectual property laws. 

2.2 - Users who intend to publish or use part of the Website contents must submit a specific request, otherwise said material cannot be reused for whatsoever purpose.   To authorise its use, Adler S.r.l. may impose specific restrictions, as well as the use of a specific disclaimer.

2.3 – Any Links to third party websites contained in the Website are provided for pure information purpose and to help Users browse the latter.Adler S.r.l. have no control on such websites and their contents and, in detail, do not guarantee, nor are liable for, the correctness of the information they contain.   In fact, Adler S.r.l. by no means intend to support, promote or recommend the services and/or products which may be offered through the same, and have no connection with the advertising contained in the websites accessible via Link.

3. Linking and Framing

3.1 - Adler S.r.l. inform you  that to create a link to  their home page, currently reachable through  web address (the  “Home Page”, in short hereafter), it is necessary to send a specific request via email to stating: (i) details of the person in charge of the technical aspects connected to  link management  (including e-mail address and telephone number);   (ii) details of  applicant company;(iii)  web address of the site on which the   link to the Home Page will be created ; (iv) any other information useful for obtaining Adler S.r.l. authorisation.

3.2 - When authorised by Adler S.r.l., the creation of a link to the Website assigns a temporary non-exclusive, non transferable licence, whose object is the use of the name or logo that shall be stated for each single case in the authorisation itself, for the sole and exclusive purpose of creating said hypertext, with specific exclusion for any other use.

 3.3 - Otherwise it is not allowed, without previous written authorisation by Adler S.r.l.   ,  to create links to the Website Home Page or to the Website  internal and/or accessory pages, actually   creating a so-called  “deep link”, nor to link and present the Website contents within another website, performing so-called  “framing”. In this regard, please note that breach of the above stated conditions establishes the elements of behaviour which is punishable by current applicable laws. 

4. Liability limits

4.1 - The information contained in the Website must not be used as sole and main support for making specific decisions, but is provided for purely information purposes. The Users who browse the Website pages freely and consciously benefit of the services provided.  Aside from the degree of professionalism adopted by Adler S.r.l for providing the contents available on the Website, the company are not liable for any damage affecting Users and/or third parties deriving from relying on the contents of published documents and, therefore, Adler S.r.l. can in no way be held liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damage deriving from the use of such information.

4.2 - Adler S.r.l. inform you that they can, at any time, in total autonomy and at their own discretion, replace, add, modify and/or integrate the Website and/or the material it contains, as well as the employed technology.

4.3 - Consequently, Adler S.r.l. make it clear that such activities could imply temporary impossibility to access the Website and/or its contents.  Therefore, Adler S.r.l. are not liable for whatsoever malfunctions or defects involving the technology used for building and publishing the Website pages.  The whole specifically for what concerns regular data transmission via cable, as well as the functionality of the servers hosting the Website pages.

5. Applicable law

5.1 - The Conditions are governed by Italian Law and must consequently be interpreted by applying such regulations.    

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