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Wood paints and stains for more than 30 years

Adler develops, manufactures and sells a wide range  of products designed for colouring wood and leather: water and solvent-based colours, thinners for colours, vehicles, ageing patinas and shaders, additives, nuances for correcting colours and paints specially formulated to suit the application, the colour effect required and the type of support used.

Adler products are intended both for companies that do their own painting and varnishing in-house than for those companies that provide toll services for others. Adler sells its products throughout Europe, the Middle East and Latin America both directly and through wholesales that use their own trademarks.

The quality of its products and its technical competency, professionalism and great regard for the costumer have enabled ADLER to grow over the years, expanding its role and prestige in the furniture and leather industry. 

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