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ADLER Srl fully respect the environment by complying with the pollution prevention principle and constantly commit to implement an Environment Management System pursuant to law UNI EN ISO 14001.In 2007, Adler were awarded UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 certification for “Developing and producing colourings, stains, varnishes and auxiliaries for industrial use through dispersion, dissolution and mixing processes”.  Adler permanent aims therefore include:

  • to respect environment protection principles by complying with mandatory laws and with the environmental requirements approved and endorsed by the management;
  • to monitor and improve corporate processes in order to contribute to pollution prevention;
  • to activate scrupulous control on resources consumption to identify all possible opportunities for reducing it, especially as regards water consumption;
  • to meticulously deal with all industrial waste generated by the process, pursuing, when possible, reduction at the source and reclamation;
  • to maintain strict control on the emission of polluting substances into the atmosphere and on acoustic emissions;
  • to reduce the risk of accidents and of events harmful to the environment, with special attention for soil protection;
  • to consolidate fruitful relationships with the interested parties (competent authorities, population, customers, suppliers, etc) as regards plant issues involving environment.  

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