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By operating in an increasingly competitive and selective environment, and pursuing customers’ and staff satisfaction as regards expectations and requirements, ADLER have acknowledged quality as the strategic goal to be achieved. Adler have always been committed to providing their customers with the support guaranteed by a methodical and organised company that follows rational and controllable inside processes involving the whole product life cycle, from   re-examination of users ’needs to solutions design and  realisation stage, to checks on semifinished  and end products before delivery. In December 2005 Adler were awarded UNI EN ISO 9001 certification for   “Developing and producing colourings, stains, varnishes and auxiliaries for industrial use” and they are still committed to maintaining a Quality Management System compliant with such law. Therefore, ADLER   constantly focus on:

  • supplying products that last over time satisfying Customers’ requirements and  following, as well as anticipating, market trends by developing innovative and high performance products;
  • respecting environment protection principles by complying with the mandatory laws;
  • optimising and constantly improving the production process and costs;
  • enhancing service standards and hence customers’ satisfaction.   


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