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Reach (Registration Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals)is the acronym that refers to Regulation 1907/2006/EC governing the production and launch of chemical substances on the European market. Since 1 June 2008, each chemical substance produced in, or imported into, the European Union whose quantity exceeds 1 ton/year, must be registered to comply with REACH, except for exempt items. Substances which were pre-registered from 1 June to 1 December 2008 are granted variable transition periods (2010, 2013 and 2018) according to quantity and dangerousness, during which production/import is allowed up to actual registration. 

The actual Registration stage for chemical substances, pursuant to the schedule provided by the Regulation, started on 01/12/2010.

Adler produce and trade in compounds, which are hence not directly subject to registration or pre-registration. As regards the products single components (either substances or compounds), Adler carefully and constantly monitor that their own suppliers comply with the pre-registration and registration schedule and are working with the same to ensure their products are always available for the intended purposes. In the event one or more suppliers do not adjust to such laws in the future, Adler srl shall promptly report such situation, committing, from now on, to carry out all necessary replacements. 

ECHA  web page where you can download the regulation in different languages:

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