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Research & Development

Adler firmly believe that the continuous improvement of products, production processes and service is the key to further development in the present increasingly competitive and selective scenario. This is why they have been investing in research and quality.

The chemical and technology laboratory is the company core. It is where raw materials from the international market are systematically studied, selected and checked, products to suit constantly evolving needs are developed and applied, and end products are strictly tested.   

Supported by know-how in the colour industry, deemed among Europe's broadest, Adler also produce and commercialise raw materials for wood dye manufacturers (concentrated colourings, specific pigment dispersions, dye binders). Adler provide this particular category of customers not only with products, but also with solutions which are constantly updated to suit the colouring issues the company itself experiences day by day, worldwide.

Thanks to their highly flexible production department, Adler can rapidly meet all customer requirements. A powerful and comprehensive information system allows constant and univocal management of over 12,000 products, 80% of which manufactured for specific orders.

Adler technical support deals with all customer's needs, pre and post-sales, offering a greatly collaborative and trustworthy approach.  

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